Polish video for beginners (video 1-45)

Znacie moje lekcje wideo?!
Od dziś możecie ściągnąć sobie cały film, czyli wszystkie 45 lekcji. Myślę, że te lekcje będą bardzo przydatne dla początkujących uczniów języka polskiego.

Do you know my video lessons?!
Now you can download whole package of 45 lessons. I guess it will be really useful for Polish learners.


Movie file: PolishLessonsForBeginners
Run time: 72 minutes
File format: 512Kb MPEG4
File size: 304.2 MB

Play List at YouTube Polish Video for Beginners


My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-ddcb5433f3c42f58d9796f14b46a4be9}



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9 responses to “Polish video for beginners (video 1-45)

  1. David, I think the only way to learn Polish is listen a lot of Polish. Trying to memorize all grammar rules is defenetly the worst thing you can do while you are learning languages. So please listen lots of Polish content (you can use my courses), take your time and you’ll see the progress. It just works!!!

  2. Piotr, one of the biggest problems learning Polish is case usage and endings. Maybe you could develop a program for that.

  3. Please try Play List on YouTube

    I don’t have zip file right now :(

  4. jimpres

    Tried to download the file and it just tried to load on a new tab in Firefox. Do you have a zip file somewhere to download? I am also on a very slow internet line.

  5. Thank you Jolyn, I’m happy to hear that!

  6. Jolyn

    This is really great! It does help to have my boyfriend nearby when I get confused about words I don’t quite understand as I can pause and ask, then continue the video.

    Thank you! It really helps me!

  7. jittraozga

    Thank you very much i also love them!

  8. Bruno, I’m so happy that you like it!

  9. Bruno

    This is great! Thank you!!!

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