New Premium Course – A Day In the Life of Man

This course is for anyone who wants improve listening comprehension
and speaking in Polish.

Download sample of this story: MP3

Over 10 lessons you will follow me from morning to evening:

Lesson 1 – Getting Up
Lesson 2 – Cleaning Up
Lesson 3 – Eating Breakfast
Lesson 4 – Ready for Work
Lesson 5 – Go to Work
Lesson 6 – At the Office
Lesson 7 – The Commute Home
Lesson 8 – Making Dinner
Lesson 9 – Relaxing
Lesson 10 – Going to Sleep

In those lessons you will learn useful vocabulary for everyday situations.
Of course it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, that course help you
learn daily Polish in the most effective way.

Each lesson includes four parts:

Listen to the story at slow rate
Listen to explanation of the story and vocabulary
Listen to the story at normal rate
Listen to questions and answers about the story


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