What do you think about it?

In the last few weeks I see a lot of interest in my Learn Real Polish Blog.
I really want to help everyone who want to learn Polish in easy way, without memorizing grammar rules. I make up my mind to make daily short stories for free.
Everyone will be able to download short, easy Polish story for free (about 3-5 min).
I will use only basic, everyday Polish vocabulary and idioms.

Each day it could be different topic, like:

  1. Monday: World news
  2. Tuesday: News from Poland
  3. Wednesday: Fun/Real short story
  4. Thursday: interesting places in Poland
  5. Friday: Polish history, famous Poles, culture

If you have any suggestions about topics please let me know.

Every weekend it will be an opportunity to get extra stuff for learners.
Everyone who want to get extra stuff will be able to buy weekly extensions to everyday stories:

  • additional explanation
  • full transcript
  • comprehension questions and answers
  • additional explanations
  • sample sentences
  • same story told from another point of view

For everyday stories from Monday to Friday, so it will be about 60 min of Polish mp3.

I think the price would be about $4-$7 for one issue (one weekly extension)
– it depends on how many learners will want to buy these lessons.

Please fill out my poll and let me know what do you think about my Daily Polish Stories idea.
Your effort will help me improve my site and make good resource for Polish Learners.

Here is a link to short poll: Learn Real Polish – Daily Stories Poll

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Learn Real Polish

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5 responses to “What do you think about it?

  1. Thank you Veronika!
    you know, constancy, everyday listening, using language is the key to learn any language. I think that the most important is to stay focused on the simplest, everyday vocabulary. This is the core of language, and we have to understand it and use it if we want to be fluent.
    That is the reason I’ve decided to put Real Polish Daily Simple Story for everybody who want to be fluent in Polish. Extended version of my Daily Stories includes Q&A section. Asking questions fast and at loud is really powerful method that teach you speaking Polish without translating into your native language.
    Dziękuję i pozdrawiam!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Peter,
    I think your idea of simple Polish stories is great!
    I used to underestimate simple straight-forward stories (text + audio) as a means of getting used to this language – well, not anymore…

    I have just come back from a week spent in Gdansk and there I realized how important it is to have a regular (=daily) confrontation with the language, but in a comfortable stress-free atmoshere.
    I was completely overwhelmed there (in Gdansk): ordering food in restaurants, buying tickets, asking for directions etc – it was not just about vocabulary or grammar, simply I was not used to hearing the Polish language (and then to respond correctly to questions, explanations, directions…). Only thanks to a lot of friendly patient Polish people I had a wonderful time. :-)

    What I want to say: I have Polish books, and Audiobooks, and CDs and movies, but they are yet too complicated, the narrator speaks too fast etc,.
    Your simple Daily stories are a perfect way for me to go on learning Polish, avoid frustration and prepare myself for my next trip to Poland.


  3. Yeah, I see that you want to hear easy, simple Polish stories. So I do my best to develop what you want. I’m working on easy listening stories, I hope you’ll like it. I guess from this monday I’ll start put daily easy stories. Maybe from time to time I’ll put some news from Poland but I think most of you want listen to simple stories. Thanks everyone for your feed back!

  4. Lore

    Hello Peter! I think that Chris is right. Maybe you should develop something little less complicated for beginners, and by beginners, i mean the people who just started to learn polish, but you know, this step is pretty difficult for us. The topics you mentioned above seem to be accurate, however, try to make shorter text and audio and tell simple stories, It’s very important to add the new vocabulary learnt, at the end, to be able to understand context of the story. If you use this kind of vocabulary plus some new one in next story, then people will be able to start memorizing them.

  5. Chris

    Personally, I think the biggest problem learning Polish is finding enough to read that I can remotely understand. Learner’s of English and German have tons of material both on the web and as books to read. However, if your a beginner and want to read Polish, then you are out of luck. I think it would be great to have a source of simple text/audio to help me on my way.

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