Daily Polish Simple Story 03

Szczupły Robert

learn polish 03

Short audio: 1:39 min

Robert mało je.
On nie je dużo.
On je lekkie śniadanie, lekki obiad i lekką kolację.
Robert nie jest gruby, on jest szczupły.
On nigdy nie będzie gruby, ponieważ mało je.
Na śniadanie Robert je płatki zbożowe z mlekiem.
Na obiad Robert je rybę z ryżem.
On lubi ryby.
Na kolację Robert je warzywa.
Robert nigdy nie je słodyczy.
On nie lubi słodyczy.
Robert nigdy nie będzie gruby.
On zawsze będzie szczupły.

Extended version of this story include:

  • 9:22 min mp3 file
    – main story
    – questions and answers to story
    – story from other point of view
  • pdf file
    – full transcription
    – glossary


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5 responses to “Daily Polish Simple Story 03

  1. marusya

    I don’t live among polish people so I can not practice what I learn so it’s difficult for me to speak polish. What can u offer me? If I learn your texts by heart or to tell it to myself will it help me

  2. marusya

    Thanks. Your lessons help me so much. But I would like to read english translations also. It’s one month I have been learning by myself and I already can read and translate simple texts

  3. Russell

    dziekuje bardzo

  4. Cześć Monika!
    Thank you for your comment and for good words :D
    Here you can find even more:

    I’m sure that soon you will be able to write in Polish. I think speaking harder than writing.
    Pozdrawiam całą Twoją rodzinę!

  5. Monika Bachman

    Thank you for such great study material. I am finally learning to read Polish and understand written sentences. I can speak and understand Polish but not read or write Polish as I grew up in Africa with Polish parents. Thank you for helping me to learn to read and write what I hear.

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