How I started learning English p. 2

Today I want to tell you about my next experiences in learning English.
I hope it could be interesting for you if you are starting learning Polish.

Last time I told you about my first English computer course Profesor Henry 6.0
There was five different subjects:

  1. vocabulary level 1 and 2
  2. vocabulary level 3 and 4
  3. listening comprehension
  4. grammar
  5. gratis mp3 files with conversations

I was thinking about going through this courses. At the beginning I used to learn some vocabulary from it. There was memorizing system similar to Anki, I just used it for some weeks.
There was interesting voice recognise system, so I was able to check out my English accent… But almost all the time computer was not able to understand me. So after some weeks it made me frustrating and a bit boring.
From that point Profesor Henry is sitting on the shelf… In addition I heard that learning single words is not effective method.

I was looking for Polish site for English learners. And I’ve ended up here:
There I’ve found interesting stuff for English learners. First of all I’ve started listening to simple English sentences. (You can get those sentences in Polish Polish Phrasebook – I think it’s quite interesting).

I just listen to 5 sentences (only) per day when I was going to work. I was trying to mimic it at loud in my car, so pretty much I’ve learnt it by hart very soon. After some weeks, when I’ve learned all the 50 sentences by heart.
Then I found Spotlight, there were mp3 files with easy, slow rate English content. I used to listen to that mp3 files every day for several months, not only in my car but even when I was working. It gives me 1-3 hours a day.

That’s it for today, I love to read your comment, so give me your feedback.



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2 responses to “How I started learning English p. 2

  1. Thank you Chris, you know, I don’t really like reading a lot in English, especially when I don’t understand lots of words. I always go back to the beginning of sentence that I can’t understand, so it makes me tired really soon. I know reading is really powerful.
    But I like to listen to English a lot, I think I’m a little addicted… ;-)
    Every one have to develop his own method, that’s it!
    Thank you for your comment Chris. Cheers!

  2. Chris

    When I learned German, I spent a lot of time reading at first. Mostly I didn’t understand what I read in the paper, but I did know some words, and I started to recognize others. When I saw a word a often enough to notice, then I’d look it up in a learner’s dictionary (monolingual with simple definitions). Reading the paper and other books helped me to build a passive vocabulary. I also read graded readers, and eventually found Deutsche Perfekt (spotlight). Later I watched lots of recorded TV so I could rewind and replay. I picked K11 and Richterin Barbara Salesch because it was entertaining and they repeated a lot of normal daily use language. I’m trying a similar approach with polish.

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