The Polish Language with Gregloby

I want to make short review of Gregloby’s site for Polish learners. This is site where you can find a good ammount of Polish stuff. There are mp3 files with text, and English translation of texts. Every resources are grouped according to language level, from beginners to upper-intermediate learners.

The website is a collection of resources: genuine Polish articles, shorter and longer texts dedicated to Polish language learners, series of stories in Polish, handy Polish to English translations, etc. All Polish texts come with quality mp3 recordings, available to download, absolutely free. There are also some video instructions for complete beginners in the language. All that good stuff is for people learning Polish on their own. Materials are grouped according to level of difficulty.

I can fully recommend you this site, all stuff is made by native Polish speaker, so it is good place to learn Polish. Recordings are very good quality and you can find a lot of interesting stories in different levels of Polish.


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