How I started learning English p. 4

There will be no Daily Polish Stories in this week – SORRY about that!
But I want to show you my second video in English I’ve recorded.
Please let me know about your experiences in learning Polish or other languages – I love to hear it!
And please remember – write in Polish and don’t worry about mistakes :-)



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2 responses to “How I started learning English p. 4

  1. Hi Alexey! Welcome on board!
    Yeah, exactly it was AJ’s lessons :-) I think it is great method and I encourage everyone to listen to Polish.
    Of course you have to learn Polish, I gues it will be really easy for you.
    Thanks again Alexey.

  2. It’s great you’ve made real Polish the way AJ Hodge made his effortless English! You even look a bit like AJ :)) Now with your lessons I will start learning Polish from scratch, always felt ill when used English in Poland, Polish is so close to Russian!

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