Learn Polish – Interesting Stuff 30 – Dilalog Example from My New Course

Hi everybody! Today I’m gonna talk a little in English :-)

I want to introduce you my new Polish Course. Of course there will be also pdf with full transcription. But now I want to show you only audio from one episode. I’m not sur but maybe I’ll add questions and answers to the story for every episode. What do you think? Please listen to this one and let me know what do you think about it.
Just check it out and give me some feedback!

Questions and wishes? Just leave me a comment!



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7 responses to “Learn Polish – Interesting Stuff 30 – Dilalog Example from My New Course

  1. Thank you! I’m really excited about that course. I’m working like a dog, because I want to make it as good as it is possible.
    Please be patient, soon it will be ready :-)

  2. Lore

    I agree with Martyn :) U are doing an excellent job! each time you are releasing much better learning material. They become much easier to learn, to memorize and become part of the language, take an active role in dialogues, questions and answers and everything, i think that they become much interactive way of learning polish. Keep up with the great work!! Pozdrawiam! :)))

  3. Martyn

    Hi again

    It all sounds excellent … but I would suggest the Q&A section comes after the dialogue.

    Whatever you do, this series is your best idea yet … and your slow speed in the pronunciation section, taking each word one at a time, is excellent. For English speakers at least, Polish words and sounds, and collections of sounds are a huge obstacle course, unlike French for example, which uses similar letter combinations to English and so is easier for us to hear. So as an English speaker, I really appreciate the slow ‘pronunciation breakdown’ of words and phrases in your example.

    Thanks for all you’re doing! You’re producing the best study materials I’ve ever seen for Polish language!

  4. Thank you Martyn for your advice. I’m going to add longer explanation story before dialog and after that some question and answers.
    So we’ll have:
    – Explanation story
    – Q&A to story
    – Dialog
    – Pronunciation section

  5. Martyn

    Well, it’s probably the best of your recording ideas so far … and yes, I think the question and answer sessions after the main recording are extremely helpful because it turns me from a passive listener into a Polish speaker ;) Am looking forward to studying all the new lessons :)

  6. Thank you :-) I was looking for something similar in English and I’ve never found it, so I did it in Polish ;-)

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Piotr …. it’s excellent ! Really, very very good … especially the section after the dialogue where you give us time to repeat and practice the pronunciations.

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