Daily Polish Simple Story 01

Marta nie może spać

learn polish 01

Short audio: 1:25 min

Marta poszła spać.
Była jedenasta wieczorem.
Ona wyłączyła światło i położyła się do łóżka.
W pokoju było ciemno i cicho.
Marta próbowała usnąć, ale nie mogła.
Odwróciła się i włączyła światło.
Wzięła swoją książkę.
Marta otworzyła książkę i zaczęła ją czytać.
To była dobra książka.
Marta przeczytała jedną stronę.
Potem przeczytała jeszcze jedną stronę.
Po chwili poczuła się zmęczona.
Marta zamknęła książkę i wyłączyła światło.
Zamknęła oczy.
Po chwili Marta już spała.

Extended version of this story include:

  • 12:00 min mp3 file
    – main story
    – questions and answers to story
    – story from other point of view
  •  pdf file
    – full transcription
    – glossary

All Daily Polish Stories in one place!



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10 responses to “Daily Polish Simple Story 01

  1. Hello, is there a translation of these stories into English, I would like to check if I understand it correctly.

  2. Russell


  3. Cześć Olivia, please don’t study grammar :)
    I recommend you listen a lot of polish easy stories.
    Olivia, please go to my new website http://realpolish.pl
    there you can find even more stuff for you.
    If you are serious about learning Polish I recommend you 100 Daily Polish Stories.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  4. Olivia

    Hello Piotr!
    Love your work and thanks for sharing :)
    I have been in Poland for about 5 years and i happened to know few hundreds of Polish vocabularies but still, it is hard for me to form a sentence.
    Should i focus more on the Grammar or you have a better suggestion for me?

  5. Hi! It’s really simple… what you have to do is just listen a lot of Polish. Please go to my website: , there you will find lots of free Polish podcasts. Listen to them as much as you can :)

  6. Hello, Thank you for a nice story. I grew up in Poland. I have been there around 10 years. And After I moved back to my country I have not talked in Polish for ages. Now, I am trying to recall it but I cannot find the way to do it. Can you please advice me / Thank you.

  7. Alexey, of course if you learn deep you will never forget what you’ve lerned. This is the point – just take your time and learn every lesson really deep. Don’t go to the next lesson if you are not able to answer the questions. Listen to the same lesson as much as you can. Copy it to your mp3 player and listen everywhere!

  8. Alexey

    dzięki! przyjemna historia
    Is that right I need to listen to it until be able to respond the questions correctly and retell it easily?

  9. Thank you Chris! Yeah, I will think about pictures in the next stories.
    My advice is to be focused on listening rather then reading, but of course rearding is also really powerful.

  10. Chris

    To dobrze. Była dobra historia. Trudno mi czytać. Maybe include a picture or two? Context is always helpful before seeing / hearing new words. Helps the reader/listener to better guess the meaning. Keep up the good work!

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